Lost Tour

Freckles! I got so many answers to your question, I wouldn't even know where to start.

As avid fans of ABC's Lost, when we found out that there was a Hummer Tour of Lost filming locations we knew that we had to go.  We were picked up from our hotel in a bright yellow Hummer H2 streaked with brown mud hinting at the adventure that we were about to enjoy. 

We rode to the eastern coast of Oahu to the Kualoa Valley, a 3000 acre expanse of mountains, forest, and scenic vistas.  Before arriving in the valley, we passed by Locke's "father's" house:


We then headed toward "the island":


 Hey look, it's the Pearl Station:


Remember that scene when Ana Lucia killed the under-cover Other, Nathan?  No, here's a photo (our guide had a binder full of stills from the show):


Anyway, here's Adrienne and I sitting on those same logs:


Our driver had a few Lost toys in the truck and used them to take a number of forced perspective photos.  Here's us pushing the Darma van that Hurley found in the woods down the hill:


... and us being chased by "the smoke monster" (unrelated, this is also why you should remember to pack white socks on your vacation):


... and lastly, here's us golfing with Hurley:


There's a bunch more pictures in the Flickr set: Lost Tour.

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