It has been a cherished dream of mine to own a dog. I've wanted my own pet since I left home and while I was convinced that this was perfect, Andrew wasn't so sure. So, in the fine American tradition, we made a deal. I would change my name and he would get a dog. Name change? Check. Now we just have to find the perfect dog!


We had some ideal qualities in mind. Our new dog needed to be small, Andrew would take her to work and she could ride the bus with him provided she could be on his lap. We didn't really want a puppy and it would be great if we could rescue a dog from a shelter. I spent several afternoons going to PAWS and the Seattle Animal Shelter to see what dogs might come into our world. After finding the pickings pretty slim on small dogs I was starting to be concerned we weren't going to be able to find the right dog for us without spending a lot of money at a breeder.


As I spent another evening on petfinder, I saw a dog that looked promising--his name was Freeway and he was a small poodle. When I emailed to find out if he was available I was told that he had just been adopted but there was an adoption event that weekend and they had lots of small dogs that had just come in from California. Things were starting to look up! After assuring Andrew that we were not going to come home from this event with a dog, we headed up to Lynnwood.


We walked in the door and towards a row of tables set up with crates. There were dogs in every crate and people milling around looking at them all. Many of them were going nuts with all of the stimulation but in the middle of that chaos we saw the cutest little face staring back at us. It just took a half hour with this little girl to know that we had found our puppy. Even Andrew was convinced. So we paid her adoption fee and made our first investment in her care. At the unwitting suggestion of my Dad, we gave her the name Maeby after a character from one of our favorite tv shows..."Arrested Development".

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