History in Hawaii: USS Bowfin

One of the heroes of WWII was the submarine corps. Without their efforts the Japanese navy would probably have been able to overcome what the Americans threw at it. One submarine that was famous for their efforts during the war was the Pearl Harbor Avenger, the USS Bowfin. It's located near the Arizona and civilians can get a sense of the living conditions on a submarine. I don't know if I would ever want to live on this.

The Bowfin

I might have fit.

Definitely not.

Enlisted sleeping quarters. There were 9 beds along each wall and then 4 fold down cots in the middle. Tight quarters!

Enlisted mess, they had a weekly menu that looked pretty decent!

Up above looking back towards the shore. That sub is long!

The Bowfin was fun, but up next was the aviation museum which I think we were both looking forward to seeing.

What do you think?

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