Hawaii, you're amazing!

Wow... just wow!

Without question, this was the best vacation that Adrienne or I have ever been on.  Perhaps it was because it was our honeymoon and first anniversary... perhaps it was because we were in Hawaii... perhaps it was because the weather was perfect.  Whatever the reason, Adrienne and I had a fantastic time and are definitely looking forward to our next vacation.

Adrienne and I didn't go on a honeymoon immediately after we got married; her work schedule wouldn't have allowed us to spend a meaningful amount of time anywhere interesting.  It didn't take much planning for us to realize that spending our anniversary in Hawaii could also be perfect honeymoon.  Adrienne and I both needed to visit Hawaii for our "all 50 states before we're 30" goal, and Hawaii is... well... Hawaii.

We arrived Christmas day and departed New Years Day.  We filled these 7 days with adventure and relaxation.  We wanted to experience some Hawaiian traditions, like this luau:


We also wanted to do some activities that were relaxing and romantic.  We took a Mai Tai sunset sail which picked us up on the beach in Waikiki and sailed us into the Pacific Ocean on a catamaran while the sun set.  There was another boat in the distance which allowed me to capture this:


After returning, we decided that this vacation was filled with too many adventures to write only a single blog post.  Instead, we wrote a number of postings about our trip.  Be sure to check them out as well:
Hawaii was the last state that Adrienne needed to hit her "all 50 states before 30 goal".  Congratulation's Adrienne!  Our next big adventure will be to Alaska, the last remaining state that I haven't visited.

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