2009 in Review

It's time again for the annual year-in-review...

Adrienne and I started 2009 as newlyweds.  We flew back from our wedding in Florida on New Years Eve, buying tickets to Teatro ZinZanni's dinner theater while the plane was boarding for take-off.  We landed in Seattle, got home, dumped our bags in the living room, and got ready for the party.  In hind sight, it might have been a bit much, but at least we looked good: New Years Eve 2008/2009.

In January, we rooted for the Gators to win the 2008 BCS National Championship game.  In my excitement for their win, I wore head-to-toe Gator apparel to work.

I threw Adrienne a surprise birthday party in February in additional to celebrating her mom and dad's birthdays.

In March, we watched the final episodes of Battle Star Galactica.  I'm not thrilled with the fracking ending, but that's another story.

April was a busy month.  We took a trip to Sedona, AZ with my parents and some of my mom's family.  We also bought a ridiculous cake for Rob and Anne Marie and hosted Easter dinner.  I sold my old table and chairs on Craigslist before our brand new custom-made table and chairs arrived.

In June we had our Seattle Reception with friends and family.  My parents came out for the party and got to experience some of Seattle's best things.  I also ran an open proxy for the people of Iran to access the internet while they were experiencing political turmoil.

On July 1st, Adrienne and I picked up our shiny new iPhone 3Gs phones; they're very nice.  We celebrated the 4th of July with family and friends.  We went on a wild adventure up the eastern seaboard to visit family and friends.  On July 25th, we adopted Maeby, our cute, little Chihuahua.

In August, Adrienne and I went to a Mariners game with Rob and Anne Marie, and Albert and Catie.  Rob and Anne Marie were married at the end of the month, yay!

Adrienne and I flew to Gainesville in September to watch the Florida Gators crush Tennessee.  I spent a few days at my parents' house before heading back to Gainesville for a recruiting trip for work.  I gave a tech-talk and helped man our career-fair booth.

I buzzed my hair in October, something I hadn't done in many years.

In November, I went back to Gainesville for another recruiting trip; this time was 3 full days of conducting interviews, ugh.  Later in the month, Adrienne and I flew to North Dakota to celebrate my grandma's 90th birthday and had Thanksgiving dinner with the extended family on my mom's side.  We had thanksgiving shrimp, they were tasty, but that's another story.  We had second-Thanksgiving back in Seattle with a much more traditional meal.

In December, Adrienne and I celebrated Christmas Eve with her parents before jetting off to a week in Hawaii to celebrate our anniversary.

I'm hoping 2010 provides us with as much fun and adventure as 2009 did.

What do you think?

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