Wedding Pictures

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

Our photographers, Jason and Sara from Concept Photography, were with us for 10 hours on the day of our wedding.  Adrienne and I got ready separately, so Jason was with me and Sara was with Adrienne while we were getting ready.  Adrienne and I chose to have many of our pictures taken before the ceremony.  A practice known as "the reveal".  Our families and the bridal party were with us for the reveal and so we took the opportunity to grab some semi-formals at the hotel that Adrienne stayed at before the wedding. 

Before the ceremony we had a champagne and mimosa happy hour.  We were married by Pastor Roger.  After the ceremony we had a formal receiving line for our guests.  As our guests headed to the reception venue, we took a series of formal photos in the church and a few more as the sun set on the Indian River.  

While our guests enjoying the 80 degree weather on the beach, we had a little party in the limo while we headed to the reception venue.  The reception was had most of the typical wedding stuff: formal introductions, toasts, the first dance, formal dances, the bouquet toss, cake cutting, garter removal, and plenty of dancing.  There were a few things that our DJ did to keep things light and fun: we played some introduction games to get to know the people around us, and he had all the men sing "You've lost that loving feeling" to Adrienne.  And there were a few things that Adrienne and I thought would be special: Adrienne wanted a mother/daughter dance and I wanted all the Gators to sing "We Are The Boys of Old Florida".

Alternatively, you can view work your way through my wedding collection on Flickr.